Project C


About Project C

What is it?

     Project-C is a call for 5-minute films that explore a big idea through a small ecological footprint. We invite filmmakers to use recycled materials, found footage, or repurposed moving images. Project-C promotes short, impactful, independent films that offer a study on a subject, theme, idea, or feeling. Artists can choose to include or omit sound or text, and we welcome works in languages other than English.

How Does It Work?

  • Applicants complete the submission form and send us a link to a digital file hosted on their own Vimeo account (Mp4, 1080p).
  • A jury of Cineworks staff and external filmmakers will review all applications as anonymous submissions*.
  • A shortlist of 10 films will be selected and uploaded to the VUCAVU-Cineworks streaming channel. Artists will receive a screening fee and ongoing rental revenues of 70%.
  • Two films from the shortlist will be selected for honourable mention and awarded $250 each.
  • One film from the shortlist will be chosen as the Project-C Spotlight Film and awarded $1,000 and a $500 rental credit with Cineworks.

What Are The Conditions?

  • Applicants pay a $25 fee** to activate their 1 year general membership with Cineworks. For current members, this fee will be waived.
  • Films cannot exceed 5 minutes in duration.
  • Films cannot infringe on copyright laws regarding the use of content available online or otherwise***.
  • Films can involve analogue, digital, animation, or photo-montage methods.
  • Films should prioritize a small ecological footprint by recycling footage that already exists. This can include footage from your own pre-existing projects, found materials, and public domain footage available online.
  • New footage created by the filmmaker via digital means, by hand, or without the purchase of new materials, will also be accepted.

*If an entrant wishes to include their name/identity within the content of their film, they must use a pseudonym for the adjudication process and can re-insert their name if their work is chosen for dissemination. Credits can also be added to the film after adjudication has occurred.

**A bursary option is noted on the submission form and available for those facing financial barriers to the applicant fee.

***For copyright guidelines, see below, under: “What free resources can be used for my film?”

Who Is Eligible?

     We will accept applications from any individual between 18 – 118 years of age, with a current Cineworks membership. We strongly encourage applications from People of Colour, Indigenous or First Nations individuals, LGBTQ2S, persons with disabilities, and landed immigrants. Applicants do not have to be a current Canadian Citizen, but do have to reside within the province of British Columbia.


  1. Applications will open June 1st and close August 1st, 2020
  2. A shortlist of 10 films will be selected and uploaded to the VUCAVU-Cineworks streaming channel. Artists will receive a screening fee and ongoing rental revenues of 70%.
  3. Public announcement of the shortlist and finalists will be made on September 21st, with their films streaming for free public access on VUCAVU from September 22nd to October 6th, 2020
  4. With express consent from artists, all shortlisted films will be made available for continued streaming via the VUCAVU Cineworks channel thereafter. Filmmakers will receive ongoing payments of 70% rental proceeds.

What Is The Judging Criteria?

Submitted films should be driven by the central purpose to say more with less.

We are looking for films that show a creative approach to recycling or repurposing materials; be it sound, text, footage, animation, or ready-made objects.

We encourage narrative films as well as experimental abstract works. We are particularly interested in visual essay films; which we define as films that are intended to better understand a subject, to celebrate a subject, to convince others around the significance of a subject, or to play with the visual complexities of a subject.

Some examples of visual essay films are:

‘Cheeto Monster’ Directed by Cassandra Surina and David Ehrenreich

Arthur Lispett’s ‘Very Nice, Very Nice’ (1961) CW: some graphic imagery

Peggy Ahwest’s ‘Beirut Outtakes’ (2007)

John Hupfield’s ‘Clear Cut’ (2008)

We invite all entrants to consider captioning their work for accessibility. All shortlisted films will require captions prior to public streaming, and Cineworks can offer support in implementing this process prior to the dissemination phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I paying a submission fee or a membership fee?

Your submission fee IS your membership fee. By paying the $25 submission fee you become a Cineworks member. More information on what your new General Membership entails can be found here.

My Cineworks Production membership expired. How do I renew my Production membership when I submit?

Submit to Project-C by paying the $25 fee and we will use it as a credit towards renewing your Production membership. Make a note on your submission form about this, and our Facilities & Equipment manager will follow up with you to renew. 

Can I submit work that I have already created? Are there date restrictions?

You can submit any work no matter when you created it, but please check to make sure that it meets the conditions of our call. Our judges will prioritize works that recycle, re-use, or re-purpose materials.

I don’t have a Vimeo account, are there other ways to submit?

We can assist you if you encounter barriers to setting up or managing a Vimeo account. Reach out via the project-c email (

Can I submit work that I made collaboratively with others?

Yeah! We accept works created by artist collectives. If your work is chosen for the shortlist we will reach out to you to discuss the allocation of the artist fee.

Does my film need to be exactly five minutes long?

Submitted works can be up to five minutes long including credits. Works shorter than 5 minutes are eligible.

Can I submit a Digital film?

Yeah! We accept both analogue and digital films and any hybrid forms too!


For Production:

DaVinci Resolve


Avid & Adobe offer free software for students:

Amara is a free tool for captions and subtitles:


For Content:

Prelinger Archives

Through Vancouver Public Library you can access Pratt Library:
Pratt Library Locations

Library of Congress Sound Archive available through Citizen DJ initiative

Consider the Copyright guidelines:

UBC Copyright Educational Resources:

CARFAC Guide on Appropriation re: Indigenous Cultural Materials:

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre

A Note On Rights:

The following all have protection under copyright or trade-mark law:
  • Music (includes both the song and the performer)
  • Sound (if from an identifiable source e.g. sound from a radio program or TV show)
  • Film footage
  • TV footage
  • "Found" or archival footage
  • Photographs, including images of fine art (e.g. a painting by Dali, a statue by Michelangelo)
  • Poems, text, quotations from written material
  • Newspaper headlines, magazine covers, posters
  • Corporate logos (on clothing, computers, food packages, store signs, etc.)
For more details, guidelines on Canadian copyright are available on the Canadian Intellectual Property Office website:
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