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Cineworks special projects.
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Analog Research.

Sectoral Study

A post-industrial renewal of independent filmmaking is taking place around the globe, led by a significant and growing number of independent filmmakers and visual artists. This renewal integrates longstanding traditions of analogue film practices into present day contexts of artistic investigation and expression. The findings of this study tell the story of this revival and provide a valuable resource guide for artists, arts centres, programmers, curators and audiences across artistic milieux: for understanding, appreciating and promoting analogue film practices in the 21st Century.

The idea for this project was put forward by Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society (Cineworks), bringing together a consortium of six Canadian artist-run media arts production centres to pilot the research. In addition to Cineworks, the consortium includes Film and Video Arts Society (FAVA), New Brunswick Filmmakers’ Co-operative (NB Film Co-op), Atlantic Filmmakers Cooperative (AFCOOP), the Independent Filmmakers Co-operative of Ottawa (IFCO) and the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers (LIFT).

The authors of this report wish to thank the many dedicated artists and arts professionals who so generously gave of their time to share their deep understanding and appreciation for analogue film. A list of people interviewed for this study is included in Annex 1 at the end of this publication.

This study was undertaken by Maria De Rosa and Marilyn Burgess of Communications MDR, made possible with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts Leadership for Change program. The consortium of organizations involved in the project offer thanks to these agencies for the professional rigour and financial resources with which it has been realized.

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A Seat at the Table.

Community Research Collaboration: A Seat at the Table

A Seat at the Table: Black, Indigenous, and Women of Colour in Metro Vancouver’s Film and TV Industry Speak — is a community research collaboration between The Future is You and Me and Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society. This community research initiative examined barriers in the independent film sector in Vancouver for people who are marginalized for their race and gender.

This collaboration, made possible through the generous support from the Vancouver Foundation, helped to initiate a dialogue between Black women, Indigenous women, and women of colour—including women and non-binary people who are racialized and/or Indigenous in the film industry.

The report draws on the experience of BIWOC filmmakers or industry professionals shared through focus groups at Cineworks aimed at informational gathering, consciousness raising and community building for women of colour in the industry.

The report emerging from this community research collaboration is available for download here.