Covid-19 Safety Plan
Reduced Services

The following safety protocol for partial resumed services at Cineworks has been developed in accordance with guidelines from Worksafe Covid-19 Protocols for Arts and Culture. The below guidelines reflect a gradual reopening to match the capacity of our staffing, consideration of our building co-tenants, & provincial health safety priorities.

Employees and members must adhere to the guidance around self-isolation issued by the Provincial Health Officer and the BC Centre for Disease Control and must NOT report to the facility if they:

  1. Have experienced symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days. Symptoms include:
    -New or worsening cough
    -Shortness of breath
    -Sore throat
    -New muscle aches or headache
  2. Are under the direction of the BC Centre for Disease Control to self-isolate, in which case they must follow those instructions.
  3. Have arrived from outside of Canada within 14 days, in which case they must self-isolate for 14 days and monitor for symptoms.
  4. Are (or have been) in contact with someone who is a suspected COVID-19 case.
  5. Work that can be done offsite should continue to be done so.

Equipment Rental Protocol (Pick-Up)

  1. Equipment rentals must be confirmed via phone or email by Cineworks Facility & Equipment Manager, Colin Williscroft, with a designated pick-up and return time & date.
  2. Payment must be arranged over the phone via credit card prior to pick up or done online.
  3. Rental gear will be placed in the stairwell entry way for pickup and staff will be on site at a distance of 2 metres to supervise.
  4. Members renting equipment will not have access to upstairs shared spaces at this time (washroom, kitchen, offices).
  5. Payment not processed online will be accepted via Credit Card upon arrival and be processed by the Facility & Equipment Manager.

Equipment Rental Protocol (Returns)

  1. Members will return equipment at their pre-designated time & date to limit contact with other dropoffs.
  2. Rental gear is to be placed in the stairwell entry way for drop-offs.
  3. Rental gear must be placed in the stairwell entry way. Staff will be on site at a distance of 2 metres to supervise.

Employees and all members must follow the guidelines provided by the Provincial Health Officer to reduce the risk of infection or spreading of COVID-19:

  1. Wash hands frequently for at least 20 seconds using soap and water.
  2. If a sink is not available, 60-90% alcohol-based hand rubs (hand sanitizer) can be used to clean hands if they are not visibly soiled. If they are visibly soiled, you can use an alcohol-based disposable hand wipe to remove the dirt and then use an alcohol-based hand rub. Hand sanitizer dispensers are located throughout the building.
  3. Do not touch your face/eyes/mouth with unwashed hands.
  4. When you sneeze or cough, cover your mouth and nose with a disposable tissue or use the crease of your elbow, and then wash your hands. WorkSafeBC posters have been placed in common areas with details on hygiene protocols.
  5. Practice physical distancing: individuals are required to keep 2 metres apart.

Studio Space

  1. Studio cannot be occupied by more than 15 members at a time.
  2. Members must not access the upstairs shared kitchen or office zones during rental of the Studio.
  3. Members must confirm a designated date & time for access with the Facility & Equipment Manager. Staff will be onsite to unlock and lock-up: independent use of keys/keycards will not be available for members at this time.
  4. Members are encouraged to take breaks to leave the space to ensure proper airflow is allowed through the HVAC systems to limit exposure.

Editing Suites

  1. There is reduced access to the Editing Suites in the context of Covid-19.
  2. The occupancy limit for Editing Suite 2 and 3 is set at 1 person only in accordance with the overall occupancy limit for Cineworks 1131 Howe Street site.
  3. The member must be scheduled by the Facilities and Equipment Manager.
  4. Physical distance of 2 metres (6 feet) must be always maintained between workers and members wherever possible.
  5. Hand sanitizing stations will be provided in the editing suite, bathroom and Cineworks entryways for everyone to use.
  6. All common areas and surfaces in the editing suites including equipment, chairs, desks, light switches, and door handles will be sanitized after each use.
  7. Members are encouraged to take breaks to leave the space to ensure proper airflow is allowed through the HVAC systems to limit exposure.

Worksafe BC have designated the following levels of protection for safety policy plans:

  1. First level protection (elimination): Use policies and procedures to keep people at a safe physical distance from one another. Limit the number of people in your workplace at any one time and implement protocols to keep workers at least 2 metres from other workers, customers, and members of the public.
  2. Second level protection (engineering controls): If you can’t always maintain physical distancing, install barriers such as plexiglass to separate people.
  3. Third level protection (administrative controls): Establish rules and guidelines, such as cleaning protocols, telling workers to not share tools, or implementing one-way doors or walkways.
  4. Fourth level protection (PPE): If the first three levels of protection aren’t enough to control the risks, supply workers with personal protective equipment (PPE), such as non-medical masks. PPE should not be used as the only control measure. It should only be used in combination with other measures.

Cineworks will install the following changes in accordance with these safety protection areas:

First level protection (elimination):
  1. Administrative staff continue to work remotely when possible: Executive Director, and Community & Education Liaison.
  2. Facility & Equipment Manager on-site as required to complete inventory, equipment revitalization and rentals.
  3. Changes to payment processing: Members provide credit card information over the phone or online to avoid the touch terminal in the upstairs shared office, & there is limited member traffic in the building.
  4. Occupancy limits for workers: no more than 2 Cineworks staff on site at a time.
Second level protection (engineering): Barriers and partitions
  1. Equipment & personal items placed in designated sterile zones (ground floor meeting room; studio; editing suite).
  2. Shared kitchen and offices partitioned from member access.
  3. Facilities & Equipment Manager working independently with minimal contact to membership (i.e. only through scheduled equipment & facility rentals).
Third level protection (administrative): Rules and guidelines
  1. Cineworks staff and members must only access the building via the Cineworks stairwell doors.
  2. Hand sanitizer will be available at entryway for all incoming staff and members to access.
  3. Antibacterial soap will be available at Cineworks shared bathroom for all staff and members to access.
  4. Windows in offices & shared kitchen spaces must be open while staff work in the building to increase airflow.
  5. Alcohol wipes will be stationed near shared office equipment such as printer, supplies cupboard, and point of sales terminal.
Fourth level protection: Using masks (optional measure in addition to other control measures)
  • The use of non-medical masks is mandatory in all indoor public areas. This includes editing suites, studios, and indoor common areas (including washrooms, hallways, stairwells, and entryways). Additionally, masks are required at any time when more than one person is present or when physical distancing is not possible.
    1. Cloth masks should be washed before they are reused and should be replaced when wet, soiled or damaged. Instructions on how to use a mask are provided in the WorkSafeBC guidelines for safe use of masks.
    2. Note: People who are not able to wear a mask for a medical reason or other reasons are exempt and are asked to be especially careful to maintain a safe distance from others.
Reduce the risk of surface transmission through effective cleaning and hygiene practices
  1. See above for hygiene practices relating to the sanitization and isolation of shared equipment.
  2. Staff will be responsible for wiping down shared surfaces such as printers, supplies, cupboards, and point of sales terminals after use.
  3. Our regular cleaning services will continue throughout our re-opening, with our professional cleaners accessing the building to disinfect outside of business hours weekly.


Employees and members in the facilities may also be affected by the anxiety and uncertainty created by the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s important to remember that mental health is just as important as physical health, and to take measures to support mental well-being. Here are some resources that can assist with maintaining mental health in the workplace during this time:
  1. COVID-19 Psychological First Aid Service: Information and Signup (British Columbia Psychological Association) – Free virtual counselling provided by registered psychologists.
  2. COVID-19: Staying Well In Uncertain Times (Canadian Mental Health Association – B.C.) – Tips and information on how to reduce and manage anxiety in the workplace due to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  3. Managing COVID-19 Stress, Anxiety and Depression (Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions) - Tips and resources on things we can do as individuals and collectively to deal with stress and support one another during these challenging times.
  4. Mental Health and Psychosocial Considerations During COVID-19 Outbreak (World Health Organization) – These mental health considerations were developed by the WHO’s Department of Mental Health and Substance Use as messages targeting different groups to support for mental and psychosocial well-being during COVID-19 outbreak.
  5. Mental Health and COVID-19 (Conference Board of Canada) – Videos on different aspects of mental health, including coping with anxiety, job loss, and dealing with isolation.
  6. Taking Care of Your Mental Health (COVID-19) (Public Health Agency of Canada) – Tips and resources for taking care of your mental health during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Other Resources:

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