Howe St.

Cineworks Main Office, Studio, Edit Suites and Equipment Rental

300-1131 Howe St.
(entrance in back alleyway)
Vancouver, BC Canada
V6Z 2L7

Equipment and Facilities Rental Tel—
604 685 2209
Office Tel—604 685 3841
Fax—604 685 9685


Analogue Studio, Dark Room
235 Alexander Street (IronWorks Building)
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6A 1C1

The Annex is a communal analogue studio space available through appointment and events only. Contact us for the latest news on Open Darkroom nights and other upcoming public events and opportunities at

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Press Room.

Obligatory Credits

The use of Cineworks equipment and facilities constitutes a form of production assistance to the filmmaker by Cineworks, and as such Cineworks must be fully acknowledged and credited in the title and/or credit sequence of any film, video, or new media production receiving such assistance as well as on all promotional materials. Suggested wordage of said credit is:

Produced with the Assistance of Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society

Another option is to use the Cineworks logo - please use logos as instructed:

Cineworks colour logo for screen use

Cineworks colour logo for print use

Cineworks black & white logo

Cineworks black & white logo on dark background

Download all four Cineworks logos

Cineworks requires a copy of the completed project to be dropped off or mailed to the office for archival purposes no later than six months from the project completion date.