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Play It Forward
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Vancouver is home to hundreds of hardworking non-profits and charities dedicated to improving life for the citizens of this city and province, often with a fraction of the resources they could use. This city is also home to a wealth of film making talent itching to tell a good story and we’d like to take this opportunity to introduce these two communities to each other.


One of the most effective outreach and fundraising tools a charity can have is a creative, succinct and informative video which they can use to appeal to donors and expand the reach of their message. Producing a worthwhile video often requires resources and skill sets that these organizations simply don’t possess and therefore these opportunities to expand and improve their services are wasted.


This first time program, Play it Forward, will select three local filmmakers to produce a short campaign video for a registered charity or non-profit in the province.  The participating artists, Mitch Stookey, Stephen Gillis and Jessica Bradford, will be provided with the necessary resources to produce their works.  At a time when the financial climate for non-profits has gotten trickier, Cineworks is excited about this opportunity to support the work of three deserving groups.


The filmmakers will begin consultations with  their partnered groups mid-June with the goal of having the pieces completed and ready for distribution by October.



Cineworks would like to thank Telus Optik, The Province of British Columbia, the British Columbia Arts Council,  The Canada Council for the Arts and the City of Vancouver for their support.